Sustainable development is a broad, complex field with many overlapping, interconnected issues. It can be hard to stay on top of where progress is being made, what new issues are emerging, and how current events are shifting us in new directions. IISD’s experts have the insight you need.

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The Significance of Stockholm+50

Ambassador Johanna Lissinger-Peitz of Sweden explains why it matters that we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stockholm Conference and how we live up to its vision.
Insight June 1, 2022

The Legacy of the Stockholm Conference

In 1972, the Stockholm Conference set off a chain of events that rewrote how countries tackle environmental challenges. How do we take the lessons of the past half century and apply them to our triple planetary crisis?
Insight June 1, 2022

What Comes After Stockholm+50?

World leaders will mark half a century since the 1972 Stockholm Conference... and then depart. What comes next as we face accelerating societal and environmental challenges?
Insight June 1, 2022

Citizen-Generated Data: Data by people, for people

Citizen-generated data complement official data and provide a necessary context for decision-makers to address those left behind, suffering from data marginalization and the outright invisible in national statistics.
Insight May 24, 2022

What Is Alternative Data and How Can It Help Efforts to Leave No One Behind?

Official statistics and measures of poverty do not fully capture the causes of marginalization and how they intersect and interact. The 2030 Agenda is catalyzing a shift in how the world thinks about data and the use of "non-official data sources" to better reflect the needs of the most marginalized. 
Insight May 13, 2022